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By answering the questions below, you can provide us with some basic information about your  needs. We will review the questionnaire and develop a preliminary estimate of the frequency of service (once a month, once a week or more frequently) as well as a fee estimate based on the time required. We will give your questionnaire our immediate attention and respond to you as quickly as possible. Should you have any questions, please feel free to either e-mail or telephone (415) 350-0944.

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Are you currently using an accounting program?   Yes  No

  If so, what program?
Are you using a PC   or Mac? 
Are you presently doing the accounting yourself 
or using a  bookkeeper
Are you a corporation, partnership or sole proprietorship 
Do you have employees? 
How many? 
in house payroll?       or out source payroll?   .
Do you have subcontractors or independent contractors?   
How many check do you write in a month? 
What type of business? 
Is your business on a calendar year? 
Are you looking for long term or short term bookkeeping?  
What else can you tell us that will help us understand your needs?


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